About Me

Renowned UK artist Rana J Rodger was brought up in a seventeenth century timber-framed house in Smarden, Kent. 


"It was there that my fascination with old buildings was awakened, and I first felt inspired to capture the form and character of these outstanding buildings in watercolours as well as pen and ink drawings."


Rana has also written and illustrated two books on local Kentish history: ‘Smarden a pictorial History` and ‘Cranbrook’ publised by Meresborough books.

In 1993 the Royal Academy entrusted her to design twenty commemorative plates to be presented to their American patrons during a prestigious USA exhibition.


Widespread recognition and many successful exhibitions followed, resulting in numerous commissions in the UK and France, where Rana has her studio and teaches art to adults, children and those lacking confidence in their artistc abiliies. 


Architectural portraits make a wonderful gift, be it for retirement, birthdays or a wonderful memory of a family home. They are ideal for reproduction for headed note-paper or business cards, menus, and promotional material of all sorts.


NEW!! Rana is holding art retreats in the summer and autumn months at The Achemy Garden: an enchanting , rural home and nature sanctuary in SW France . more info :


You can see more of Rana's paintings ( not architectural ) here: